Monday, January 25, 2010

Restaurant Review: One World Cafe (Everybody Eats), Salt Lake City, UT

Because John and I have the great good fortune of traveling to the Salt Lake City area a few times a year, I always seek out different things to do when I'm on my own and he's fishing with his dad. A few weeks ago, during our Christmas visit, I decided to try One World Cafe, otherwise known as Everybody Eats. The cafe is unique in that the diner sets his/her price for the food. In fact, if a diner wishes to volunteer time working at the restaurant, he/she can earn full meal vouchers.

The cafe is located in the university part of town, not far (driving-wise) from many interesting parts of the city, including the arboretum. The food I tasted included a variety of items from roasted potatoes to mixed greens and penne with sun-dried tomatoes to veggie stir fry. Overall, the food was tasty and warm (good for the cold days of winter). More importantly, I was grateful to help an organization that provides very low-cost meals to those who could scarcely eat elsewhere.

Go visit One World Cafe in Salt Lake City.

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