Sunday, April 20, 2008

Without Fanfare, Another Year Here and There

Yes indeed, I missed the third anniversary of this blog. Sorry about that. It's somewhat ironic because I really whooped it up on Altered Plates. But, you only get one first anniversary, so there it is. But, I still truly enjoy blogging here, at my original blog, although my topics have changed quite a bit in the past three years.

First, since Deb's Delectables is in limbo, I don't have much to say on the subject these days. People do ask for orders, and family members often ask about the project, but there are still too many other higher-priority items to deal with first. So, until I get back to it, the blog will continue as it has, featuring fun product reviews, recipes, travelogues, and garden updates.

Speaking of garden updates, here's a quickie:

The primulae are super-happy and vibrant in yellow, reds, purples, and pinks.

The forget-me-nots are bright blue with white centers, contrasting well with the plum tulips (a new addition to the garden, planted last November).

And, we have some other new additions to the expanded front tree garden (fortunately, the squirrels didn't eat these bulbs):

This lovely light blue blub is called Puschkinia. It's pretty small, topping out at around 4 inches. I should have planted more together in bunches. In fact, I planted just the way you're NOT supposed to in all ways in that front garden, but I'll make up for it by planting a bunch of seeds for summer-blooming flowers soon.

There you can see what I mean. A long line of tulips about to burst, followed by the already blooming grape hyacinths. In the far left area, you can see one of the few anemones left by the gluttonous, evil squirrels. Bad squirrel karma on them!

What's blooming by you?

As always, I thank you for visiting, especially long-time readers and those who take the time to leave their thoughts and suggestions in the comments. You're the coolest!


Ricki said...

Deb, your garden is gorgeous! Everything looks so vibrant and intensely colored. . . I adore tulips and can't believe they are almost fully in bloom over there! They haven't even poked their green heads out of the ground in our neck of the woods. . .beautiful.

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks, Ricki! Even more are in bloom. I just have to catch up with my blogging. ;D