Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. It's a day when bloggers concerned about the environment should be posting about it in whatever way they choose.

We have to ask ourselves, what are we doing to help improve our environment?

Here are 20 ways I participate in positive change:

1. Use my own bags when I shop.
2. Drive as little as possible.
3. Unplug chargers, appliances, computers, etc., I'm not using.
4. Run around after John turning off lights.
5. Turn off lights when I leave a room.
6. Use a timer to set my heat/air conditioning.
7. Keep the heat set to 68 or lower to save energy.
8. Keep the AC set to 75 or higher to save energy.
9. Read No Impact Man and Treehugger each day to learn more about how I can leave a smaller footprint.
10. Reuse as much as possible (e.g., scrub ziplock bags, dry 'em, and use 'em again).
11. Recycle paper, bottles and plastic.
12. Convinced John to stop buying all those plastic water bottles, and now we're using refillable Nalgene bottles instead.
13. Committed to using Lunapads instead of disposable feminine supplies. (So much more comfortable, by the way.)
14. Instead of buying more things for people for holiday gifts, we make donations to the Nature Conservancy or the Audobon Society in their names.
15. Garden organically.
16. Buy organics and local foods as often as possible.
17. Buy recycled paper products (Marcal, one of the most underrated NJ companies).
18. Keep as healthy as possible so that I don't have to take antibiotics (and put more into the water supply from my personal waste).
19. Try to raise awareness whenever possible (without being a pest about it).
20. Cook as much from scratch as possible to avoid processed foods (they contribute pollution in a number of ways -- the processing, the shipping, etc.).

How do participate in positive change? Have you done something different today?

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