Wednesday, August 08, 2007

U.S. Presidential Candidates

At first, I thought Christopher Walken was the candidate for me. Then, John told me it was only satire. I was depressed for about an hour. Not only that, the barrage of debates, interviews and general spin on topics began to give me a headache.

Then, this morning, I was reading Colin's blog (as I do each morning) and saw that he was fortunate enough to interview John Edwards on a variety of environmental and sustainability issues. I am not naive. I don't believe that every campaign promise will be fulfilled, nor do I believe that the interview responses were written solely by John Edwards. That's why campaigns have PR people.

However, I really liked his responses. It speaks to me that he wants to hold automakers accountable for raising mpg numbers to a sane amount (40 mpg) in 7 years.

I'd be interested to see how/if the other candidates respond to Colin's well-thought-out questions. If you've never stopped by No Impact Man, you should definitely pay him a visit today.

And, yes, I'll be back to posting about food very soon. Several recipes, a couple of wee films and more.

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