Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Painful Week

Last week was one of the more physically painful weeks I've endured in quite some time.

It started with a massive sinus infection that lead to a blinding three-day headache. Then, I had yet another dental surgery on the implant on Thursday. So far, after the injections wore off, it was the most painful day yet.

Now, I've experienced a range of different types of major pain in my life -- kidney stones, other dental surgeries (including all four impacted wisdom teeth--there's a story), foot surgery and more. But this last one took the cake.

I don't take any narcotic pain medication, so it was a matter of toughing it out with anti-inflammatories and ice. Rather, ice water. I filled my mouth with ice water and held it there, nearly passing out with the pain until the cold helped numb me while I waited for the NSAIDs to do their jobs.

It took a while, but I survived. John was a dear. Poor guy was at his wits end trying to help me, but there simply wasn't anything for him to do.

Almost a week later, I feel much better. The gum is still sore, and I'm certainly not smiling my largest smiles, but I'm on the mend.

In the meantime, I'm eating softer food. Which brings me to my next homemade treat, frozen yogurt.

Next post will be on that. Hope your weeks are never painful.

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