Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Garden Update

The garden is really in full Spring swing now. It's early for the columbines to be so prolific, but it's been a weird season. Incredibly dry days for New Jersey in April and early May, but I've been watering faithfully. Here are some of the results:

Between the red, yellow, fuschia and purple primulae; the pink and lilac creeping phlox; the red shooting star columbines (as well as the white, blue and pink Colorado ones); and the bright blue forget-me-nots, this is the most colorful May presentation yet!

Now, if the irises will get their acts together, I'll be happily suprised.

On the back deck, the petunias are faring well with nearly daily waterings. I've had to spray deer-be-gone around the outside of the deck to keep the squirrels away, but it seems to be working. John and I ate lunch on the deck yesterday for the first time in a year. The weather couldn't be better!

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