Saturday, July 15, 2006

This is the final version with Cook's Illustrated basil sauce and both types of noodles. John preferred the flat, lasagne noodles and my sauce, while I favored the basil sauce with the thick manicotti noodles. Nice to know he prefers my sauce. :D Although, I think it was a matter of his disliking too much fresh basil. All in all, I think it was an ill-named recipe. Calling it streamlined was inaccurate in several ways -- rolling the "no-cook" lasagne noodles up around the filling took more time than simply stuffing the cooked manicotti shells. The "no-cook" lasagne was a complete misnomer because we cooked the noodles when we poured the boiling water over them and moved them around with a knife to keep them from sticking. Finally, the entire cooking time was 2.5 hours! Hardly streamlined. However, it was pretty tasty. And, I'm glad that I tried it with both sauces and both types of noodles.

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