Friday, November 10, 2006

Completely Off Topic: Rutgers vs. Louisville, Go Scarlet Knights!

Rutgers vs. Louisville
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Thanks to I.M.Indraneel at Flickr for posting his great Rutgers vs. Louisville photos.

Many members of my family are Rutgers alumni: Jorden received all three degrees, Mom received her PhD, Dave is a professor there, my step-sister Jill and step-brother Rob both graduated from Rutgers, and I fulfilled half my master's degree there (never finished because I started Deb's Delectables instead).

If you didn't watch the game last night, there are clips on, as well as rehashings on ESPN and the other news channels. It was a very exciting game right down to the final kicks at the end. Boy! Was Ito lucky those Cardinals were offsides!

John and I live pretty close to the stadium, right on the other side of the Raritan from Piscataway, so we could hear (through closed windows no less) the cheering and the marching band's drum section. We also could hear the cannons at the start of the game. There's no doubt in my mind that the spirit of the fans helped buoy the players through their win.

On his drive home, John said he could feel the electricity in the air. He drives right past the stadium on his commute, and so he saw all the cars parked and all the people walking to the game to get their seats.

Other than the game itself, and the moment on ESPN when Rice asked for his mom, the best was talking to my mom this morning. She wore her Rutgers alumni pin to her job today, and had stayed up to watch the game after winning Best in Show for one of her many orchid plants at her local Orchid Society meeting.

Yay Rutgers!

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